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about Collinson Tiles

We recently asked our team what word they would use to describe the personalities at Collinson Tiles. The favourite term was “wacky”!! We want our customers to enjoy their tiles, but we enjoy life and try to bring some fun into our days!! We know that people don’t buy tiles every day and that it’s important that we can advise on any details of a tiling project. So we love to talk “techy” but we have a wealth of experience derived from over 100 years in this market place!

Most people who visit us say “I’m amazed at the wide range of choice” – well our Bristol showroom is probably the best in the South West. For example we have about 150 different white tiles!!!!


So where did it all begin…. long ago in a galaxy far, far away – 1908 to be precise – Collinson became a name associated with great service and quality for ceramic tiles. The small premises in Bristol were really popular because they had 3 levels and 3 flights of stairs that required tiles to be carried up and down for storage!! Tiles were distributed within a small area around Bristol and South Wales and fixers collected adhesives and grouts for their work. Most people didn’t tile for themselves back then!

With the dawn of the DIY culture in the 1970’s, the company became specialist distributors and offered retail outlets through their showrooms in the South and South West. This was the time of the big “sheds” emerging and many super stores opening in DIY. Also many people were returning from holidays abroad to ask for Italian or Spanish styled tiles.

By the 1990’s we were sourcing our tiles mainly from Europe. These were beautiful glazes and colours combined with great quality. The technology was moving forward at a great pace.

We set our mission to offer “style, quality and service at an affordable price”.


Our current showrooms are in Bristol and Portsmouth and our teams are all dedicated to our mission.  Today we source tiles from all over the world aiming to get great products while still ensuring that we have regard for the environment. Tiles are increasingly used as we see people with extra bathrooms, conservatories and utility rooms. They are, of course, much more hygienic than any other wall or floor covering and that can be important to our customers who want an “easy to maintain” “bacteria free” environment for their friends and family.

The technology, particularly in porcelain finishes and digital laser prints, offers tiles that look and feel exactly like natural stone or marble or even wood!! The great news is that these techniques mean you can have a floor that looks like natural stone but without having to regularly maintain it! Just an occasional quick vacuum and mop with water and it looks like new.

We call our service “one and done”! You won’t get moved onto a sales team or an advisor – you can call and we can help you straight away, you can email and we will respond promptly – we love to talk tiles!!

In summary, we’re a ...

small, niche family business dedicated to making your tiles look amazing ... forever!

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