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Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles

We have a vast range of Bathroom Floor Tiles in stock at Collinson Tiles. Floor tiles have many advantages - They are easier to keep clean and maintain than some other floor coverings – such as carpet.  Many tiles require little effort when cleaning your home – you can mop them clean with the simple use of water and maybe finish with a microfiber cloth.

Our bathroom tiles don't retain moisture the way other flooring materials can - avoiding water damage. Your bathroom is naturally full of moisture, with the sink, bath, shower and more. If water doesn’t spill on the floor, then condensation certainly will. This can leave carpets damp and smelly, whereas tiles can be wiped dry. This also prevents the growth of mould and other bacteria.

We stock a wide range of bathroom floor tiles

At Collinson Tiles, we have a wide range of bathroom tiles in stock for you to take a look at. The variety of tiles available come in a range of styles, materials, finishes sizes and more, to suit a range of budgets, so you are sure to find a tile to suit your requirements. If you’d like more information on the tiles available, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Bathroom Floor Tile experts at Collinson Tiles.

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