Balancing your Bathroom tiles this Winter


Bathroom tiles can be a balancing act and now is the time to embrace simple colours, patterns and natural textures to create a natural look this winter.

We have all the inspiration you need at Collinson Tiles, in Bristol, where you will find the beautiful designs you need to turn your bathroom into an oasis of tranquil calm.

Here we have chosen our favourites for this season. All the tiles below are made from leading manufacturers and are chosen on their quality and value.


The idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ is still a major interior design trend, however, natural stone is fairly costly, and requires ongoing treatment and maintenance. This is why more and more designers are opting for realistic porcelain and ceramic alternatives. Our Balance series is an ideal solution, it has the look of stone but also the benefit of being cost effective and easy to maintain.


Our Trivor range would also work in your bathroom and wet room due to their eye-catching design and blend beautifully into a natural looking space while bringing the ‘wow’ factor. To achieve the geometric trend, laying these tiles in various patterns such as herringbone, basket weave and windmill formations will quickly achieve the geometric fashion for your bathroom without compromising on a clean, calm look.


Marvel is a great new Italian wall tile range that is great value for money. The tiles are 600 x 200mm and come in 3 designs, a light silver gey matt, a deeper grey and a pressed hexagonal patterned decor. The pattern design is a soft marbling effect, which is on-trend along with the 3d patterned ‘hexagon design.


introducing The Statuary White Marble – a series of 3 elements, a 250 x 750 Matt finish Wall Tile, subtly shaded and veined, Pompeya, a 3D Decor tile for use as a feature wall tile and a 600 x 600 Matching Matt Porcelain floor tile for use anywhere within the home. This is a stunning look for a top-quality white body wall tile, at a very affordable price.


The reclaimed wood look and painted wood is massively popular this season and we can help you replicate that natural look in your home with our White & Wood series.

Wood effect tiling is the latest trend, and now features as bathroom wall tiling with the White & Wood Series. The base tile is grained, but not too heavily, giving the appearance of a washed out effect, while the feature decor is a wood block style with subtle grey tones. Available in 250 x 400 size , match with our Hardwood series for a fantastic co-ordinating look.

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If you’re looking for something different, then we have over a million tiles in stock for you to choose from. With fast delivery within the Bristol area and store collection, let us help you create the perfect home for the winter.


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