There are so many wonderful tiles out there for you home, the only question is how do you choose?  So here are a few tips to help you find the perfect tile…

1) colour tones
Do you want statement colours or subtle naturals, monochrome or wood-effect, bright light whites or sophisticated greys - start by working out what colours would complement your area, plus any that you would definitely rule out!

Berlin Ivory Mix          Sigma Green

2) size, shape & laying pattern
Generally the size of tile should reflect the room size but with tools getting better all the time, there is always some flexibility.  Large square rectified tiles will give you a continuous modern feel, where as rectangular with rounded corners will give a country-cottage feel.  Rectangular tiles laid width-ways in a galley kitchen can widen the look whereas tiles laid on a diagonal can give a victorian feel.  Multi-size tiles look great in large spaces like conservatories.  If you’re unsure always try a few samples out in varying sizes and lay them in the area to get a feel of what they will look like.

Arkesia Grey          Yucatan Beige

3) finish
Glossy, satin, matt or textured - there are pros and cons of all!  They say the glossy tiles reflect more light or look more expensive (polished porcelain is always a bit pricier!) but some also say it can show marks more and can be harder to clean.  Some people think matt gives a more modern look but can be dull or harder to clean, especially if textured.  We think all tiles are fantastically easy to maintain (if they are fixed right) but a different finish can give quite a different look, so it’s worth working out what you prefer.

Madeira Concept Roble          Newluxe Grey Diamond

4) effect
Do you want a minimalistic feel with the same tile on the wall and floor or do you want different colour tones?  Would you like a border (either horizontally or vertically, wide or narrow) or perhaps a feature panel or wall.  It is hard to mix tiles from different ranges together as the sizing can be slightly different so if you want to have complementing wall and floor tiles, or complementing decor tiles, you will need to stick to tiles within the same range.  

San Remo Perla          Compact Marengo

5) the x-factor
Ultimately once tiles are fixed you will not be planning to change them anytime soon - plus you will be the one living with them!  Therefore rather than go for the safe or compromising option, choose tiles that you love when you see them and then you’ll enjoy them for many years!

We always recommend checking out samples first as tiles can look different in pictures or different lighting.  The angle, the space, the amount of daylight, the colours surrounding it, will all impact the look of a tile so always try before you buy :-)

take care!