Many customers in our showroom are surprised about how many coloured grouts there are on the market.  We at Collinson tiles are one of the main approved independent stockists of Mapei, and stock over 30 different colours of grout and matching silicone.


Wood Herringbone     Kitchen Brick Tiles


By choosing your grout colour wisely you can transform your rooms in a number ways.  If laying a natural coloured floor, you may like to match the grout to the tile, thus giving the floor continuous look.  Note you may want to be careful if you use a light coloured grout on the floor it may be more prone to becoming dirty due to foot traffic.  However this can be resolved by using our HG grout protector, and it’s very easy to use.  This product creates a transparent barrier that saves your grout from dirt grease and even lime scale.

I personally like to see a white metro/subway/sigma brick style tile with a mid to dark grey grout, that accentuate the joints.  Or even a basic budget white 150x150mm tile, tiled brick bond, again using a dark to mid grey grout.  By doing this simple change it gives your room a modern twist.


White Square Tiles     Mapei Colours

One of the common thoughts about grout is ‘I don’t want my grout to go mouldy’.  Mould on grout only tends to only happen if there’s little or no ventilation, as grout like the Mapei Ultracolor Plus itself is anti-mould, water repellant and has bio-block technology to prevent the growth of mould.  Plus it does more, it can be used from 2mm and up to 20mm and its fully flexible so can be used for walls and floors.  There’s no problem using on top of under floor heating as the Ultracolor Plus grout will be perfect for this job, and finally it’s for interior and exterior use.

If you’d like to check out our Mapei Ultracolor Plus range please pop in and have a look at our grout chart, and if you get stuck let us help you out.  We also stock all of the matching silicone sealants.

Happy tiling everybody!

A quick note from me… Hello there my name is Kim and I have worked for my family business selling tiles in Portsmouth for over 10 years and have formed have a keen interest in choosing, selling tiles, and keeping an eye on the ever-changing styles.  We source our ranges from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Dubai, Turkey & Poland.  And we only choose what we want to sell.  This means we offer an alternative collection of tiles that you won’t see in the tile sheds.

So, I have decided to write on our blog page to share with other fellow tile lovers.  I hope you enjoy reading our blogs as much as I do writing them!