Epoxy Grout – my first try

Don’t do it - they said. It’s impossible to work with. Your hands will be ruined!!

My kitchen floor is a lovely pale almond polished porcelain with a pale jasmine grout. I remember the day it was finished I just thought “wow”!!

That was 12 years ago and as you can imagine in a kitchen the spills and accidents have taken a toll! I clean it every week and the tiles come up like new. It’s the grout that’s the issue. Pale colours easily go darker and dirtier looking. HG blue helps (I use a toothbrush) to brighten it up but also take a bit of grout away so the result 12 years on is a grout not as bright and pale as I like and its lower in the joints.

I’m going to re do it in epoxy grout I said! Above were the responses!!

So I moved my fridge into the middle of the floor and decided to test out the floor underneath – meaning any disaster would easily be hidden!!! Before I started I scrubbed the tiles over with a harsh scrubbing brush and soapy water. Using an old towel I got it dried off. Then with rubber gloves on I started with my vacuum cleaner in one hand and a small pointed ???????? in the other. I had experimented with a grout remover tool that had a serrated blade – didn’t work at all for me and I was terrified of damaging the tile edge. This is dusty work and I realized I would need a mask to do any larger area, but I did about 0.5 of a square metre (4-5 tiles) working away at gauging out the old grout and vacuuming all dust up.

I wouldn’t even consider any moisture/ water at this point as you need the joint clean and dry. Just make sure you have got all the dust up.

Next was to carefully gather all the kit for the epoxy stuff!! I used old deep plastic soup pots as I needed to mix much smaller quantities than a full tub for my small area. I was only going to work small areas at a time – that much I knew made sense!! The grout I used required 9:1 ratio so I got out my kitchen scales and lots of kitchen roll, an old spoon and fork. I weighed 90g of the mush and 10g of the hardener goo and mixed them in my soup pot with the fork!! It’s just like chewing gum!!

Then I used a cheap grout float (rubberized blade) and spooned the grout onto the tiles and worked with the float. I made sure I set the timer for 45 mins as that was the timing I needed to use the grout in. I cleared residue as much as possible from the tile face and it seemed to be OK. Once I’d done my small patch I scraped the remaining grout in my pots and tools onto kitchen roll before washing them immediately in warm soapy water. Then I used a sponge scourer and plain warm water in the tiled area and got all film off and smoothed the joints with the sponge. I dried off with an old cloth and left. It looked great but the test would be a few days later to see what I thought.

I loved it!!

I worked on bigger areas next time but no more than 1.5m at a time!

Of course the test will be how it looks in 12 years time!!?? Watch this space!!