they've arrived!! Lot's of new ranges from our trip to the world fair in Italy.

we have added a brilliant new 15.8x7.8 size to our "primitive" range that is for wall or floor and looks like real stone or slate. 5 colours to choose from - I just love the almond!

simple but effective that's "elegante" - sounds posh but it's not!! An ivory porcelain tile for wall or floor.

terracotta like you’ve never seen it before! That'll be the "portico". You asked us for terracotta without the misery of maintenance - well here it is!! Hi-tech rules!!

last for this week is "nordic". I sound like an atlas sometimes but that's because our ranges are truely global!! Think saunas and spa's and the crystal clear air of the Nordic countries. Wood - yes!! You will not believe the price of this wood effect 60x15 porcelain floor or wall tile. Light, dark and soft pearl that's digitally produced to give all the effect of real wood.

just click on the links on the names and see for yourself!!

Take care!