In December we see a repeating pattern!! Yes - of course - it's Christmas time, school holidays and a chance to see family and friends. For us it's a time of last minute panics - that are fast and furious as the floor needs finishing by the time Granny arrives - or leisurely browsing for that project you are planning in the New Year!!

That means we have hectic days and calmer ones!! On the calmer ones there is plenty to do to make up orders for despatch, put away newly delivered stock or make up displays of our new ranges!! We do, however, love to spend time with our customers. Either by phone, email or just drop in - we can help advise on almost any project on any surface and situation. Our trained team are happy to help. Our real specialities include the largest range of coloured grouts in the UK, and exclusive ranges of wall and floor tiles in ceramic and porcelain at great prices.

Our tile finder can help you find the right colour, texture and material at a price you want to pay.

My tips if you are wanting a to shine up your tiles in time for those visitors are:

    ▪    polished porcelain - a damp e-cloth and shine with a dry one - if the grout is dirty or stubborn marks are on the tile - on small areas at a time - try a steam jet with a hard brush attachment on the grout lines and wipe with an e-cloth - but not too much liquid or the grout will soak it. Personally, I never use product on my porcelain floors.

    ▪    ceramic wall tiles - as for porcelain a damp then dry e-cloth will shine them up. If you have hard water and your shower cubicle or walls have scale marks that are dulling the finish - then try using a diluted HG Blue solution (please read and follow the manufacturer's instructions) - wash off and polish with an e-cloth. Dirty grout can also be cleaned with diluted HG Blue (please read and follow the manufacturer's instructions)- I use a tooth brush and then rinse off quickly. Remember the HG Blue will dissolve a small amount of the grout so follow the instructions carefully.

In my house 3 children became 3 teenagers became families with grandchildren - so our showers and baths are used consistently at Christmas!! Every one of them is trained to wipe down the tiles and shower doors firstly with a squeegee and then a dry cloth - it takes 2 minutes and the tiles and doors never scale up - the bathroom always looks like new!! You know it makes sense!!!!!!

Take care!