When I think about Christmas and this festive season of giving, I always begin thinking about projects for the new year as well of ways to give back to my home.  Our houses look after our crazy busy lives, often with different ages of family members (and often pets too) putting various pressures on each room!  The hardest hit room in our house is definitely the family bathroom but also the hallway and kitchen have kids and the cat trapesing in and out which is where you can fully appreciate a tiled floor.  Below are some tips for keeping your tiled areas looking stunning, plus also some exciting ideas if you are thinking about new bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles in the New Year…

Firstly cleaning tiles… Below is a picture of my Mum’s tiled kitchen floor which she was fixed over 17 years ago and it still looks stunning!  She cleans it using a steam cleaner and a bit of elbow grease (with a toothbrush!) for the stubborn grout joints and it always comes up beautifully!  Most floor cleaners are fine but don’t use washing up liquid which is a common mistake as it attracts the dirt.  Steam cleaners seem to work really well for tiled floors and for problem solvers we recommend the HG Hagesan range of products in our showrooms or click here.

 17 year tiled floor

If you are thinking of a house project in the new year that may involve tiles then this is a great time to do it!  There is fantastic choice in size, colour and finish.  The metro tiles are now available in some gorgeous colours:

 Sigma 20x10 Cobalto     Sigma 20x10 Fern

 Wood effect tiles are cheaper than real wood and easier to maintain…

 Bayard 90x15 Gris

 Plus we just love all the patterned tiles now available for those wanting a bit of impact or wow-factor in your home:

 Bohemia Patterned Tiles

So if you’ve missed your home off of your Christmas shopping list this year, come and see us!  Opening hours for Bristol here and Portsmouth here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Tiling New Year!