It's so nice to see the sunshine after such gloomy grey days but that inevitably means a return to the cold weather. The wind chill today was significant and although I didn't have snow outside it was pretty icy!

Unfortunately I have been confined to home recently through an injury and realised what a delight to sit in my conservatory!! The temperature had already reached 18-20 degrees C by 10am and with a little boost of the underfloor heating beneath my tiles I am able to sit and enjoy the tremendous bright light as I watch the world go by!

I have my bare feet on the warm porcelain tiles, my iPod playing, and my poorly arm resting! My porcelain floor is Kairos. It's a multi sized tile laid in a lovely pattern using each size. I choose this as the conservatory is off the front wall of my house and that wall is in a greyish Cotswold stone. To match the stone I needed a stone effect tile that would compliment the traditional wall. Experience told me that natural stone, especially in a room with such contrasting temperatures, would be a nightmare to seal, maintain and keep clean. Full bodied porcelain was ideal! I have only ever used water to wipe it and it still looks brand new after 4 years! The underfloor heating works brilliantly and economically through the winter months or on days where the sun doesn't boost the temperature. Please ask us about underfloor heating for our tiles - we can advise and supply this.

If it sounds like a really idillic spot for peace and quiet and relaxation - it is on most days - but turn around and half the room is taken up with a play house, toy boxes and art and crafts for my granddaughters!! Another reason that a warm tiled floor is essential!!

Take care