The metro underground station look is a classic tiling concept and whilst it is not a new idea there are ranges of tiles out now that bring the trend back into vogue.  One tile that has been hugely popular over the last few years for this look is the brick-shape and bevelled edge tile. It brings a vintage style to both bathroom and kitchen walls. These tiles are small so they are easy to handle, even for tiling novices or the budget-conscious.  As nice as this tile looks, it is widely used – so if you are thinking you want something with ‘wow’ factor to stand out from the norm, there are some different things you can do:


Devon 15x15 Gris          Primitive 15x7           Metro Lshape Design

Change the size of the tile - Use a longer 30x10 or a squarer 15x15 shape in a brick-style which adds a uniqueness and thoughtfulness to the finished look.

Change the finish - Rather than gloss and bevel - use a matt or textured tile for a more modern look or even the 'crackled crazed’ effect. This can add a feeling of quality and really change the vibe of the room.

Change the layout design - Rather than a brick style - use subway, parquet or create something unique. To accentuate the design but not look to harsh, use anthracite coloured grout.

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