Tiles have come a long way in the methods they employ to give a room a specific atmosphere. There are now some stunning tile ranges that are available from Collinson Tiles that can set the mood of an entire room, simply with colour and texture alone.

Matrix 3D

Take for example our Matrix 3d tile from Italy. This is a splitface porcelain wall tile that uses relief in the texture to give a clean and sophisticated stone wall effect. The way some tiles rise above others in this effect, coupled with the intricate lines of the design make this a really impressive and contemporary look for those wanting something a bit different and state of the art. The brushed wall tile finish feels good and is also soft to the touch. This is perfect for a feature wall or fireplace and will turn heads for all the right reasons. It’s dynamic and also a hard, elemental look – so softening it with lighter colours on adjacent walls or complementing it with other elemental furnishings – with knotted wood for example, can work well.


For bathroom tiles there is nothing as comforting as an effect that brings genuine warmth – which is something the Parthenon tile does well – with its sand dune coloured large tiles. When you combine this with a wave pattern wall tile on an adjacent wall – the beach ‘feel’ is complete. As both these tiles are 70x25 in size they are long and therefore stretch spaces out visually.


The True 20x20 Multicolour is a range you might want to look at if you are bored of subtle and mono-colour tiling. This is a really exciting tile which has 43 different patterned tiles – each with subtle colour variation. The overall effect on a wall is spectacular. Again – very contemporary and can inspire furnishings and surrounding room decor – such is its power and statement.

I hope you can find something inspiring and different for your walls - happy tiling and take care!