New Year… new tiling project!  Whether it is a new bathroom, kitchen, conservatory or other space inside or outside your home, if you have a floor tile or wall tile project planned for 2016 you can be sure to find some wonderful tiles at Collinson’s to enhance your space.  Check out the following ranges that are fresh and brand new into us for 2016…

Large format 60x60 marble elegance:

San Remo Setting

San Remo (white carrara), Mileto (creamy marmol) and Newluxe (grey marble) are all luxurious 60x60 gloss finish floor tiles that will look stunning in any room.

Modernised wood effect:

Madeira Wall

Madeira 80x40 gives a wood panelling wall tile spa-feel and the new Restyle Wood in 2 widths modernises a wood-effect floor tile choice.  Traverkmade 28x7 in a smaller format gives you something a bit different for a brick-bond or herringbone style!

Mediterranean traditional ceramic:

Antique Med Blue

This Antique decor wall tile will make you think of the old-style Mediterranean ceramics and give some colour and tradition to your space.

Exposed brick:

Bricklane Ambient

Bricklane is a true brick style floor or wall tile in red, beige or white.  A great, easier to maintain, alternative to exposed brick in your kitchen, conservatory or around your fireplace.

We are very excited about the ever evolving look and feel of ceramic and porcelain tiles and believe that Collinson’s choice of great value ranges for your home will mean you can’t fail to find something you will love!  So if these wall tiles and floor tiles, in a great variety of finishes, sound appealing just follow the links above for more information and we always highlight our new ranges on the homepage - happy tiling!

take care