Please just don’t ask!! How did I end up on Sunday night in an Italian village with 3 generations of an Italian family to watch the match?! They had provided me with a beautiful pasta lunch for all 20 of us – just about all uncles, grannies, teenagers and dogs!! It was impossible not to accept the offer to stay for the match!

I was wearing my union flag outfit (from the jubilee!) and this location seemed less confrontational than going to a local bar!!

As they say the rest is history!

However…. the house I was in was on 4 levels with many garages and accommodation for said extended family – every inch of floors tiled in a beautiful polished porcelain. It had been there for 15 years and looked like new! The family told me that the tiles were fixed before the windows were fixed in the building of the house – how great is that!! Dogs, children, visitors came and went with grubby feet (it had hailed that day!!) but a quick damp cloth wipe over (no product required) and it shone like new!! Polished porcelain comes in a range of effects from natural stone effect (limestone, granite, marble, etc) to woodgrain or just plain shiny glossy or sparkly!! The king of easy care!!

take care