It's all a question of process isn't it? Before the internet or BI as I call it! I would go to the tile showroom with my piece of kitchen unit, my wallpaper, my carpet, curtains or anything that I could match to the displays I saw. Then with the advent of beautiful imported tiles from Italy and Spain the ranges became vast and so I took sample tiles home to check the tiles against my room setting.

So until a few years ago I thought the internet can only work for wall and floor tiles if there is a sample tile service. Collinson Tiles offer a great way to get sample tiles and match them or live with them in your own setting before you buy. Our sample tiles service is available on all wall and floor tiles whether ceramic, porcelain or natural stone material. We offer free delivery to you of these sample tiles. Just click on the “order sample” button once you have found a tile you like. We suggest you order 2 or 3 different samples, you can use the tile finder to see similar ranges or colours. Around 95% of our customers sample their wall and floor tiles before buying.

I work pretty hard to capture the wall and floor tiles on photographs or from settings where they are used, but nothing represents the tile truly except a sample tile!

If you try a sample from us and its just not quite right - we can give great advice on similar texture, finish, colour shade or size. You get to talk to a trained person whether you phone, email or call into a showroom.

So to finish I thought I’d just update you on our most popular tiles this month! They are Infinity, Portico, Gala and Rocce. Lots of great orders from the London area and of course through our own showrooms using the click and collect discount!!

take care