Oh wow! Staying up until 3am to watch Andy take the US Open! Worth every minute although I have never shouted so much at the TV!! At last he starts, I hope, on a journey he thoroughly deserves!!

Not much to report this week other than our preparations for Cersaie. This italian based ceramics fair attracts suppliers from all over the world and sets the fashion trends for tiles that will generally enter the market place 12 months later. We visit every year and this is our 34th time!!

It is always amazing to see the latest displays and materials. This is where we first saw the woodgrain laser print effects on porcelain, also the launch of mass produced rectified tiles. Often there is something different maybe even strange to consider!!! You may be surprised at the colours and styles that countries like Russia and China buy!! Not always to the UK tastes!!

Some ranges will never go into full production if the interest from Cersaie is not positive - others will be rushed out of the kilns if they appear to be a "winner'!!

So what are we looking to buy while we are there? Well we're always looking for something unique yet stylish and we never compromise on our promise of quality at an affordable price. So anything that will complement our range of wall and floor tiles or provide interesting decors to enhance a project, will be considered!!

So we are packing our comfortable shoes as Cersaie is very hard on the feet!! We will walk many kilometres as we try to see as much as possible of the 40+ halls full of stands!!

So expect more news in a couple of weeks followed by a gradual addition of new ranges!!