We travelled to Italy from our Bristol and Portsmouth branches to visit Cersaie, the annual global tile fair. This year we were in search of new wall tile and floor tile products and exciting ceramic and porcelain tile ranges for our customers.  It is the largest international tile exhibition and gives us the opportunity to look at new trends from factories all over the world.  It was the usual variety of colour, shapes and sizes designed to impress and stand out - it is always lovely to see but we always wonder how many new displays actually make it through into production!

There was the weird and wonderful:

cersaie shaped tiles         

The tiles are getting bigger (and heavier) for construction projects but luckily there were also some gorgeous ranges for domestic scenarios and here is a taster of some that we will be bringing you soon…

- Large glossy bevelled wall tiles (with coordinating floor tile and mosaic):


- Great value gorgeous stone-effect 60x60s:


- And some splashes of colour:


We look forward to updating you as the new ranges become available and you can always keep an eye on our new ranges on the homepage www.collinsontiles.co.uk  - take care!