There are good reasons to buy your tiles from an independent company like Collinson Tiles rather than a national giant.

As a regional company, selling tiles in Bristol, Gloucester, Portsmouth and Southampton, we are in touch and integrated with local communities and understand their needs in a way that a national retailer will be hard pressed to do. This means we are big on service. The Collinson Tiles staff are experts in their trade that have usually been in the job for years. We make an effort to help our customers with their projects, by discussing their requirements. We don’t just sell – we advise.
We can say with confidence whether ‘that large porcelain tile will work on that bathroom wall’, or ‘if they can fix that tile to that wooden floor’, or ‘if the trim edging is the right size for the tile thickness’.
A good tiling job will transform a room in the house and we know what works and how to overcome problems. We really enjoy helping people re-invent spaces in their homes – it’s a personal service.
With this in mind, we are more flexible than big retailers and we listen to customers. For instance, we had a customer come in the other day who had under-ordered with a big online player by 4 tiles - to re-order the exact same tiles online she was going to have to pay a £25 carriage charge for just 4 tiles.
A big advantage we have over the national retailers is that we refresh throughout the year rather than once a year so we always have the latest trends. We provide an extensive range from the basic to the gorgeous, all in one place. What’s more - you are more likely to find a tile from a previous project at an independent than at a national, as the large companies sell-back old stock on a tile range and replace it as soon as sales drop.
You may think that you can get cheaper from a big national but you’d be pleasantly surprised at the range of pricing of our quality tiles and the value you get (e.g. stunning Nastro 30x30 mosaic only £8.95 per sheet, Sauco 95x24 wood-effect only £28.95 per square metre).

Unlike many large tile suppliers we have an amazing sampling service: online with free delivery to most of the UK, and in our showrooms you can take most plain tile samples for free!! Then just try it out in your own home!!
So, in summary, independents can beat nationals on range, flexibility, service and price. Next time you are about to take on a tiling project – this is worth remembering.

take care