Q. Where should you buy your tiles?

A. 'From us of course, Collinson Tiles'

I believe there is a stigma with buying from independent tile shops like ourselves as being expensive.

But in my opinion we are extremely competitive and have more choice and are more knowledgable than you might think.  And being able to talk about your projects and choosing the right tiles for your home is something we really enjoy doing.

The ranges we have are more varied and are chosen buy us, and we source them from factories that we have formed long and friendly relations with. We buy from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Poland. But the most important place to see the new ranges is at the trade shows, which we we visit twice a year.  This is were see their new ranges before they've even hit the retail market.  So by us doing this we have different ranges from what you might see in the tile sheds, and have the knowledge that you’ve got something different than ‘Sue next door’.

We check our tiles are the same shade before sending them out.  We are always happy to listen to the customer and help if there is ever a problem, and our adhesives don’t cost the earth.  And if you come to the warehouse and buy you can buy by the tile and not by the box!

So lets blow our own trumpet as it's something were good at.

buying tiles

No appointments necessary to see the consultant, we are on hand and just need to be asked if you get stuck.  No one knows our ranges better than we do, so don’t be shy.

So pop in or go online and have a look, we're ‘Collinson Tiles’ we know what we're doing.  And we've been doing it well for 3 generations. Selling tiles is in our blood.