Out of UK floor tiles, wood effect tiles now make up almost a third of sales according to recent data!  This is a large proportion considering that the look maybe defined as specific for ‘country' or 'rustic' houses.  The improvements in technology mean the finish is increasingly realistic of woodgrain, plus of course using tiles instead of wood means you don’t have the maintenance or cleaning hassle. 

Wood Effect Tile Lounge Floor

Tiles can last a lifetime so we often find customers want a look that they feel will stand the test of time.  Wooden floors are such a classic and still a widely used look, so you can understand why this trend in tiles is becoming ever more popular.

The added advantage of our latest wood effect tiles is that rather than just being available in classic wood colours, the latest designs have been in either paler, almost-white shades or a variety of greys (or a mixture of the two called 'greige')! 

Bayard 90x15 Gris

These new colour options may seem a bit at odds with the traditional wood look.  However, with the general growth of grey as a colour used in kitchens and bathrooms it is probably not surprising the interest in grey wood effect tiles is increasing.  Also we are seeing that customers like to put a bit of a twist on the traditional to personalise their look.  As a result, the grey wood effect tiles give the appearance of a much more modern style compared to the brown and beige colours, which taps into a whole new market.

Check out our Bayard range in either Bayard 120x23 Blanco or Bayard 90x15 Gris for a gorgeous modern grey wood tile effect that is great value at only £29.35/sqm for the normal plank 90x15cm size and only £34.55/sqm for the extra-large 120x23cm format.

Bayard 90x15 Blanco

There are also variations on the plank style size, our Boreal range for example comes in wider 84x22cm size and is available in 5 colours as well as a mosaic which is great for wet-rooms.  Whereas once wooden flooring would not have been an option in bathrooms or other wet areas, now you can replicate it with tiles and have you dream floor.

Boreal 84x22 Smoke

Or another alternative is to mix and match colours and sizes within the same tile range to give another spin on the wood effect look.  Our Restyle range comes in 90x22cm and 90x15cm as well as being available in an anti-slip R11 finish, which is ideal to be used in outside areas.

Restyle Wood Tile

If you ever have any questions about tiles, feel free to email us on info@collinsontiles.co.uk - happy tiling!