The Italian tile fair, Cersaie, was busy – a good sign we felt. The exhibitors had lots of new ranges and concepts for us to consider. Nearly every supplier has been working on a new woodgrain or woodgrain effect floor tile in some quite interesting textures and finishes. Some of it even feels like planed wood!! The effects from the ink jet printing are very natural and of course porcelain is so easy to keep looking great!!

It was easy to get a bit fed up with woodgrain or wood effect though – especially when many of the special finishes were at a premium price. I’m not sure if I would be prepared to pay that much. Would I consider it a better option than the real thing??
Talking of real things!! I saw the Bootleg Beatles at Carfest in the summer and they were amazing!! I was however around when 50 years ago my Beatles first hit the scene!! I remember screaming my head off at “I wanna hold your hand”!! ... and that was just in the Saturday morning flicks interval!!

I also remember Ursula striding out of the sea in Dr No and everyone talking about Bond!!
So if we’re celebrating 50 years of Bond and Beatles – what were we tiling with 50 years ago??!! The answer is mainly ceramic wall tiles in 100mmx100mm (41⁄4” x 41⁄4”) using whites and pastel colours like primrose, pink, blue and some deep colours were starting to emerge like avocado, midnight blue and donkey brown (you may have had bathroom suites in this!!). Also lots of black and white tiles, and if you did decide to tile your floor you were likely to use quarry tiles.
So a sample of pictures of tiles from Cersaie (not necessarily ones we will choose to stock!!):