I am a relative of the family at Collinson Tiles (about to embark on my GCSEs) and wanted to write about my work experience for Collinsons.  Over the summer I've spent three days at Collinson Tiles and another company Window Widgets.  At Collinsons I’ve really enjoyed creating a blog of my experience and what I would do in my bathrooms and kitchens when I move to a new house later this year.  I found I especially enjoyed going through Pinterest, the Collinson Tiles website and the Facebook page for pictures and ideas of different tiles, plus the types of tiles, for moving into a new house.  I learnt how to use “Canva”, a tool to make Social Media posts, and utilised this to create a number of Facebook posts for the company like the one below:

 Hexagon Tiles

I’ve enjoyed walking around the Bristol Tile Showroom and looking at different wall tiles and floor tiles to see ones I’d like in my new house and what would look nice in the different rooms.  I’ve learnt that there is a huge variety of tiles and different tiles can be put next to each other to make a pattern, as with the Bohemia 20x20 range:

 Bohemia Revival Tiles     Bohemia Revival Memory Tiles

I learnt about the bestselling tiles and how to check stock on the company's computer system for placing orders with the factories.  I spent some time making tile display boards to showcase the new tile ranges to customers.  I’ve learnt about the different shapes, sizes and textures tiles now come in including hexagon (like Terra) tiles and how to fix different shape tiles on the floor which can look nice.  It was interesting how fixing rectangular tiles vertically can make a room look longer and having them horizontally can make the room look shorter.

Saone Cream Modular Tiles     Vintage Wood Tiles

I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve done during my work experience and will have my second blog out soon about my thoughts on tiling ideas for our new house.  Thanks for reading!