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You are not limited to the number of samples you wish to purchase and if you go ahead and place a qualifying order the costs of your samples (less postage) will be refunded against your purchase.
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online-tile-shop-piano-grey-mosaic-tile Piano Series - Grey £16.99

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  • online-tile-shop-piano-white-mosaic-tile

    Piano Series – White

    Porcelain Mosaics in piano key formation
    £16.99 per sheet
  • atlantis-fish-scale-scallop-white-mosaic-tile

    Atlantis Series – White

    Classic Fishtail design tiles in a mosaic format
    £13.59 per sheet
  • online-tile-shop-chevron-white-mosaic-tile

    Chevron Series – White

    Fine porcelain mosaic in a chevron pattern
    £9.99 per sheet

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