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Ceramic Floor TilesAsturias Ceramic Floor Tile

Why ceramic rather than porcelain?  Well generally for domestic use they will wear just as well, see our advice sheets for PEI grades when using ceramic on the floor.  The material is less dense so they can be easier to cut and fix with basic tiling tools (great for a bit of DIY and you can put larger ones on your wall without worrying about the weight as well).  Plus there are some great value options around as ceramic tiles are generally cheaper to make than porcelain tiles.

Here at Collinson Tiles, we have a wide range of ceramic floor tiles in stock for you to choose from.  Ceramic tiles are aesthetically pleasing and extremely tough and also have a relatively longer life than most other materials used in floor coverings.

Glazed ceramic floor tiles are an excellent choice for areas within your property that are full of moisture (the bathroom, kitchen and so on). They are highly resistant to water, as well as abrasion and tread wear. This means that many can withstand heavy foot traffic within the busiest areas of your property. Manufacturers grade the wear type of ceramic floor tiles so we can recommend the right choice for you.

Some ceramic floor tiles are treated to prevent slipping and some are moulded for use on staircases or steps, look out for slip resistant information on individual products. They are also very easy to maintain, almost impossible to stain or damage with chemical agents and they do not fade or change colour, even under direct exposure to sunlight.

Rhin Ceramic Floor Tile          Augusta Ceramic Floor Tile          Maya Ceramic Floor Tile          Sauco Ceramic Floor Tile

Looking for ceramic floor tile advice?

If you'd like any advice on picking a floor tile to suit your property, then please do contact us, and remember these tiles can be used on walls or floors.  Click on the links below to see some of our Ceramic Floor tile ranges:

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