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Ceramic Tiles

ceramic tiles

ceramic tiles

Collinson Tiles have a wide range of ceramic tiles in stock, for you to choose from. Ceramic tiles are made from clay, water and other minerals, which is glazed and then fired. This makes these tile surfaces highly waterproof, making them perfect for rooms within your property that may contain a lot of moisture. They also suit a variety of areas which may be likely to be exposed to mud or rain – a utility room or porch area for example.

As ceramic bathroom tiles are so water resistant, they are easy to clean and do not provide a place for bacteria or allergens to develop, making them very hygienic. They also don’t absorb odours or staining chemicals. Our ceramic floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles are strong and highly durable, which is perfect for areas which are used on a very regular basis. Grime, dirt and soap residue can’t adhere easily to ceramic tiles and so all they need is a simple wash to look good as new.

Ranges of ceramic tiles

The ceramic tiles available from Collinson Tiles are available in a range of design options, colours, finishes and more. We have tiles in a variety of different sizes, making it easy to find the perfect tiles for your property. We also have a number of tiles in different price ranges, to suit a range of different budgets.

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