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Vintage Wood
Wood-effect tiles for a low-maintenance natural look!
Multi-size format tiles are great for larger spaces to give a continuous feel.
City Sense
Modern designs and patterns to update your home...
floor tiles

Floor tiles come in a range of colours, patterns, materials and sizes to suit a variety of interior or exterior surfaces, projects and budgets. Whether you are looking for floor tiles for your bathroom, kitchen, conservatory, utility area, or maybe a patio or terrace on your property, then Collinson Tiles are here to help. We sell hundreds of floor tiles with a number of different finishes and styles.

The main advantages of floor tiles

Choosing floor tiles over other types of flooring has many beneifts. They are easier to keep clean and maintain than some other floor coverings - carpet for example. Many floor tiles require little effort when cleaning your home - a simple use of water and mop or a microfibre cloth should do the trick.

Also floor tiles don't retain moisture the way carpet and other materials do - avoiding water damage. Your bathroom and kitchen are typically full of moisture due to their nature. This can leave carpets damp and smelly, and even damage wooden flooring. Floor tiles are hygienic as with they cannot harbour bacteria from spills such as milk or other  food substances that can be hard to eliminate from carpets . With the use of under floor heating tiles are warm to walk on and cosy in living areas.

Ranges of floor tiles

With the thousands of variations available, you're sure to find a floor tile to suit your requirements and budget, as well as the style of your home. If you’re adventurous – all our floor tiles can also be used on walls!

For more on the range of floor tiles available, please click on one of the categories below:

  • ceramic floor tiles Ceramic Floor Tiles

  • porcelain floor tiles Porcelain Floor Tiles

  • natural stone floor tiles Natural Stone Floor Tiles

  • floor tile accessories Floor Tile Accessories


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