Kitchen Tile Ideas


We love tiles in the kitchen. With endless design possibilities, durability and easy to clean, they really make a statement to one of the most important rooms in the house.

How are you going to make your kitchen different?

Not only are tiles incredibly practical but they also give you the ability to add personality to the look of your kitchen decorating. Use them on floors and walls in a range of styles such as: brick, hexagon, pattern, metallic, gloss or matt in a flurry of colours! The choice really is yours.

We recommend ordering a few samples from our ranges first which will allow you to place them in areas of your kitchen to see how they look in different lights as well as on top and underneath units. Other things to consider are: Do you want to make the room look larger and lighter? How do the tiles look in the evening? Are you keeping your existing furniture - if not, can you still see the samples with the new furniture?

Do you have a favourite look or style that you want to create?

Asked by interior designers worldwide, this is the most important question when thinking about decorating your kitchen. Have you seen kitchen designs that you like on social media? Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz are perfect for ideas. We would really like you to take advantage of our in-house team. They are here to help and want you to use their wealth of knowledge. Whether purchasing our tiles online or in one of South West stores, we are here to advise and guide you so that your kitchen will be the style you want.


Our latest news

Metro / Brick / Urban / Bistro .. you get the vibe!

Create a large feature wall with out Metro tiles. The popular brick style range has a bevel design, available in a wide range of colours, and with the matt or glass finish these tiles can give your kitchen a contemporary feel or retro twist. Grout choice is imperative with this tile as you can decide on whether you want the design to stand out or blend in to the wall creating entirely different designs. Please feel free to contact us for any advice as there are over fifty grouts and adhesives to choose from!

Our most popular Metro range

Eye catching patterns


Geometric patterned tiles in the encaustic style are so on trend right now and with our new Fiorella range, we have selected four superb designs that complement modern interiors all over the house. Designed to inspire the hydraulic cement style, these 15×15 porcelain tiles embody the retro trend.

Martia and Gina offer subtle blends of grey tones, with blue highlights in a strong traditional style, Dania is bold and dark and Brina is a superb 3D cube in soft greys. One family of tiles with four unique retro characters, designed for modern living spaces.


Our most popular patterned floor range

Get the meditteranean feel

Iris Blanco and Aquamarine Kithcen setting

Add a splash of colour to your bathroom with these vibrant tiles from Spain.

Made in glazed porcelain the deep gloss and rustic edge gives a handmade feel. Mix and match the designs to create a unique space.


Our most popular Instagram range

Is it really porcelain?


The modern Aspen wood effect porcelain tile has been inspired by Alder wood. Equally at home in a trendy loft as a country cabin, these porcelain tiles are as durable as they are beautiful.

The varied shading compliments the use of two sizes - 15 × 100 and 20.5 × 100 when used in combination. Laid in an offset pattern the two sizes combine to create a natural wood look that is unsurpassed in current designs.


Our most popular Wood effect range

To 3D or not to 3D


Scenic and suggestive, of great visual impact, Palissandro 3D becomes a true and proper decor style, dressing a full feature wall , highlighting a design or creating a truly unique external fascia.

Inspired by marble this is a porcelain tile series suitable for internal and external use and is fully waterproof.


Our most popular 3D range

Mix & Match


Altea & Calpe, a range in three colours, offering gloss and matt options to mix & match.

The tiles have a hand made feel, with a slightly rustic edge. For an adventurous scheme the gloss and matt mix well and add that little extra interest.


Our most popular Mix & Match range

  • tile-shop-online-altea-ivory-brick-style-tile-worn-ivory

    Altea Ivory

    £1.20 per tileEquivalent to £52.80 per m2
  • calpe-ivory-matt-kitchen-bathroom-shower-wall-brick-matt-gloss

    Calpe Ivory

    £1.14 per tileEquivalent to £49.99 per m2
  • altea-sky-kitchen-bathroom-shower-wall-brick-matt-gloss

    Altea Sky

    £1.20 per tileEquivalent to £52.80 per m2
  • calpe-sky-blue-kitchen-bathroom-shower-wall-brick-matt-gloss

    Calpe Sky

    £1.14 per tileEquivalent to £49.99 per m2

Our latest kitchen tile range


Grunge Series is our new ‘urban’ look design in a stylish brick format and is ideal for kitchens.

We stock the Iron, Oxid, Aqua, Grey and Dorata colour options, and offer the Blue to special order. The product has a subtle metallic glaze with a rusty look, underlining the tiles urban credentials. Already a popular design with our customers in the showroom, we are sure this design will attract a lot of attention.


Our latest kitchen tile range