Latest Tile Product Update for Autumn

The Leiden Tile Series

We have recently expanded our offer on the Leiden Series by Metropol, a brand that is part of the massive Keraben Grupo in Spain. We have added two new plain colours in 250 x 500mm tiles to keep the range up to date and relevant to the current trends.

Leiden has a clean, structured linear design in a matt finish with a delicate texture which has an element of lustre, making Leiden Series a unique contemporary design.

The highly rated Leiden series was originally supplied in 3 colours, White, a pale blue called Celeste and Grafito, a superb grey. We decided to remove the Celeste option and replace it with 2 exciting new on trend shades. Leiden Beige is a soft tone, almost ivory and is complemented by Leiden Vison, a Cappuccino coffee colour.

The tile has received excellent reviews, both for design and quality, and at £28.99 per m2 it represents terrific value, and it is still 25% lower in price than famous brand copies. Our aim at International Tiles is not only to bring exciting new tiles to market from top factories across the Continent, but to offer those high quality designs at prices our customers love!

Take a look for yourself at Leiden Series in our Paignton and Bridgwater showrooms or click on the button below to visit our shop.

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The Woodtime Tile Series

Every now and then we have to say goodbye to a range that has served us and our customers well, and this time we are announcing the final clearance sale prices for one of our favourite products. Woodtime is a super tile from a really great Italian factory, and we have stocked the series for almost 5 years, but in that short space of time, technology and digital print techniques have moved on in leaps and bounds. So we must keep innovating and introducing new products to keep pace with these changes, and our customers expect nothing less.


The good news is Woodtime is now an absolute bargain! Customers can now get Woodtime Pecan and Woodtime Honey at £29.99 per m2 , down from £42.99 and that’s a saving of over 30% on the usual price. It’s only available until the final stocks are cleared so don’t delay if you want a great price on a super product. And if you miss out this time, we have some great new wood style porcelain tiles in stock for you.

Check out Woodtime on our online shop by clicking on the button below.

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The Retro Tile Series

We are truly pleased to announce the arrival of our new range: Retro. A mix of 8 decorated tiles in the Cement/ Hydraulic design, made in porcelain and digitally printed.

Sold as a random mix of decors, these tiles can be used anywhere in the house, wall or floor. They are as durable as they are pleasing to the eye, and that additional feature of porcelain, means the tiles can be used in places like hotels, restaurants and bars where traffic is heavier.

Retro Mix tiles are an encaustic style, high-quality porcelain tile from Spain, designed with the current patterned tile trend at its heart. Encaustic tiles have been in use since at least the 14th century, and some of the designs are used still, although the processes of how they were hand produced then and even today's handmade styles are vastly different.

At their heart, the finished tile is the same, originally a palette of coloured shapes or swirls formed a design on the surface a clay base, inlaid into the surface then glazed. The more modern process is still very much a handmade product, cement or hydraulic tiles are made using a metal frame that separates the coloured pigments mixed with cement and marble powder, and then fixed into position using a hydraulic press, making sure the pigments are fully embedded.

Retro pays its respects to those original designs, however, porcelain tiles can be more durable, printed digitally and much more consistent.

Handmade? no, they aren't.

Affordable, stunning and absolutely at the forefront of today's trend, they most certainly are.

Retro Mix Series is in stock now and available to collect or immediate shipping to your door at only £44.99 per m2 (inclusive of VAT)

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Latest Tile Product Update for Autumn

The Loft Tile Series

We are pleased to inform our customers that the Loft Series, our brand new range of 3 modern colours in 200 x 600mm wall tiles with matching embossed decor tiles and co-ordinating floor tiles is on promotion until the end of November.


This superb range which is proving popular for use in bathrooms and kitchens is normally priced at £25.99 per m2 for wall and floor tiles and £28.99 per m2 for embossed tiles is now available at the special offer rate of only £19.99 per m2 for wall and floor tiles and £22.99 per m2 for our 3D embossed decors.

It’s a great saving on a new range but the offer must end at the start of December so check out the Loft tiles on our online shop by clicking on the button below.

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You can view ALL of our current product offers and sale items here

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