Patterned Tiles for Hallways


When people enter a home, the hallway is almost always the first space they see. Decorate this space stylishly to give an excellent first impression of the house. The hall should also be reflective of the remainder of the home.


There are many ways to achieve fantastic results, but the most practical, affordable and advantageous method is to use tiles. Tiles come in a wide variety of colours, patterns and sizes; making them one of the most versatile materials for finishing a home.

Patterned tiles create an inviting atmosphere and a lasting first impression. The beautiful designs draw attention and stand out as a feature. They can be a great distraction from less attractive objects in the room (such as a fuse box, shoe rack or radiator).

Pattern tiles also add style to a hallway

Contemporary, geometric designs can turn a modern home from mundane to sophisticated. Retro tiles can convert a traditional home from dated to fashionable but remain in keeping with the original style of the house.

Tiles can reform attributes of a hallway through illusion. Rectangular tiles, set vertical to the length of the room, make a short hallway appear long while small tiles will make a narrow hallway seem wider. Additionally, you can achieve a rug-like effect, without the hassle of an actual carpet: by setting solid tiles on the outskirts of a hallway and patterned tiles in the centre.

Hallways have a high volume of foot traffic and can become very dirty quickly. A carpeted hallway gets worn down easily and can also be challenging to keep clean. Plain-coloured flooring of any material requires daily cleaning because dirt is prominent against the neutral surface. Patterned tiles, on the other hand, disguise dirt (a muddy footprint on a patterned surface will be less conspicuous than one on a plain floor) and they are easy to clean (simply wipe them down with soap and water). Pattern tiles are ideal for homes with pets and children because of their longevity, durability, and ease of cleaning. They are suitable for any size hallway and any style of home.