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Porcelain Floor TilesArkesia Porcelain Floor Tile

Why porcelain rather than ceramic? Porcelain is a denser material, fired to a higher temperature and is therefore generally harder wearing and easier to maintain than ceramic and can be used in greater temperature variation. This means that many porcelain tiles can be used outside as they are frost resistant and also be used with underfloor heating inside the home. They look great on patios and terraces (they can look exactly like paving stones or slabs without the hassle!) as well as insides spaces and can give a wonderfully contemporary continuous look from inside to outside.

At Collinson Tiles, we supply a range of porcelain floor tiles to suit a variety of areas within your home or other property. Porcelain is a popular option for floor tiles and if installed properly, porcelain floor tiles can last you a lifetime. That’s why many shopping malls use polished porcelain tiles on their floors as they are hard wearing and look amazing.

Porcelain floor tiles, like all tiles, are easy to clean and porcelain is also much less prone to absorbing moisture due to its density. This ensures that your tile won't crack, even in colder climates which can lead to freezing.  Glazed or sealed polished porcelain is non-porous, meaning that it is unable to harbour harmful bacteria which is great in commercial areas such as swimming pools or for catering areas. Once again, due to its density, it is also highly resistant to staining. Although most people might like to use porcelain floor tiles within their home, these tiles are also suitable for outdoor applications and can look stunning on your walls.

Note that all of our polished porcelain ranges are pre-sealed and require no further treatment for general use.  Polishing can open up the pores on some porcelain tiles so always check this when you buy as sealing can be extra time and therefore money when installing porcelain tiles.

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At Collinson Tiles, we have a range of porcelain floor tiles available for you to take a look at. If you need any advice on the perfect tiles for your home, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Click on the links below for some of our Porcelain Floor Tiles:

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