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Porcelain Mosaic Tiles

Porcelain Mosaic TilesCollinson Tiles have a wide range of mosaic tiles available, to suit a variety of the different rooms within your home. Porcelain is a popular tile option for a number of different reasons Firstly, 98% of our Porcelain tiles are naturally waterproof, perfect for a room in which spills and splashes are a regular occurrence. There is no need to use sealants on the majority of our porcelain tiles, because of the way in which they are made. A few specialist ranges require sealing and we can advise on this. They cannot be penetrated by water and so cannot suffer from water damage.  

Porcelain tiles are highly dense and very strong as well as extremely resistant, making them perfect for areas with a lot of foot traffic. Porcelain tiles are generally frost resistant, also making them suitable for an outdoor area. Porcelain tiles add a beauty to any room, but our mosaic porcelain tiles add something extra. A mosaic of any kind can add a touch of elegance to any wall, and so combined with porcelain tile material, the result can be simply stunning.

Due to the low maintenance levels required with porcelain mosaic tiles, they can mean significant savings in labour and materials over time. Our porcelain mosaic tiles can also be cut to create beautiful inserts or borders within your home. For more information, please take a look at the vast range of porcelain mosaic tiles available from Collinson Tiles.

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