Brick Style

Brick style tiles aren’t a fashion item. Bricks are everywhere, shaping modern buildings and old alike. Townhouses, bridges, shopfronts, schools, cafe bars, loft apartments just like the ones on TV.

Bricks give character to a building as an exterior finish, or as a stunning interior design, but we forget, the shape and style are part of the very fabric of construction.

Current trends have simply recognised the beauty of the shape and how versatile it can be when used in a tiling application. In these pages we select our brick tile options, not just for the brick shape, but the design opportunities an interlocking piece offers in so many settings. This section is also created to introduce the stunning Boston series: a porcelain tile that pays homage to the material that built the houses we grew up in, and allows us to recreate the safe feeling of the coarse red clay material that is rarely used as an interior finish and yet has such a stunning appeal.

Warm tones of red’s and umber mix with blackened and burnished hues to create tiles that will complement so many spaces, from kitchen back splash, to inglenook fireplaces and hearths, beyond to interior feature walls, chimney breasts, or dwarf walls in conservatories. These tiles are suitable for outside use too and being porcelain they can even go in wet rooms (see New York for a stunning look) and of course they can be used on floors. Boston is the most versatile series I have ever had the pleasure to work with and the applications are limitless.

Brick tiles that are more than just brick shapes can give your project a real identity. Please enjoy our offer.


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