Feature Patterns

Decorate your walls anywhere in the house with these stunning patterned wall and floor tiles. Mix and match designs or go it alone with a single feature pattern. The combinations are endless!

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  • Denim Pattern Mix

    Vernissage Denim Decor

    Denim Patterned Design tile
    £4.80 per tile
  • fiorella-series-martia-geometric-patterned-tiles-grey-marta

    Fiorella Series – Martia

    Unique retro tiles designed for modern living spaces.
    £1.14 per tile
  • Fiorella Series – Gina

    £1.14 per tile
  • Fiorella Series – Dania

    £1.14 per tile
  • kitchen-tile-designs-2020-pattern-floor-tiles

    Fiorella Series – Brina

    £1.14 per tile
  • online-tile-company-devon-somerset-retro-patterned-wall-floor-tile-vintage-geometric

    Retro Mix

    A range of 8 random mixed designs
    £2.25 per tile
  • iris-marco-spanish-design-kitchen-bathroom-tile

    Iris Decor Design-Marco

    £2.00 per tile
  • iris-lamp-spanish-design-kitchen-bathroom-tile

    Iris Decor Design-Lamp

    £2.00 per tile
  • iris-cubic-spanish-design-kitchen-bathroom-tile

    Iris Decor Design-Cubic

    £2.00 per tile
  • iris-geometric-spanish-design-kitchen-bathroom-tile

    Iris Decor Design-7D

    £2.00 per tile


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