Batik Series

Due to technical difficulties with the production of the Esmeralda colour option we have been forced to withdraw this item from our offer. This is a new problem relating to the reactive glazing technique. Existing product is not affected and the other colours remain in production, this issue relates to new production only in Esmeralda as the variation has become too varied and unstable. Please accept our apologies for any disappointment caused.

Batik refreshes a traditional enamel glaze design with new processes to create 4 exciting colours for use in Bathrooms, Kitchens and Feature walls. Using a new reactive glazing technique, the finish benefits from a deep glaze that has a superb lustre, with a hint of a metallic sheen. Reactive glazing is a less predictable process, meaning that each batch is unique, creating a porcelain manufactured tile that is in essence semi hand made. There are up to 8 different presses supplied randomly, giving the handmade feel real credibility. However, the process behind creating the tile is far less important than how truly stunning the Batik series is, and it really must be seen to be fully appreciated.

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  • batik-vanilla-glossy-patterned-wall-tile-art-moroccan-design-zurbaran-bestile-best tile-

    Batik Vanilla

    £1.00 per tile
  • batik-turquesa-glossy-patterned-wall-tile-art-moroccan-design

    Batik Turquesa

    £1.00 per tile
  • batik-esmeralda-glossy-patterned-wall-tile-art-moroccan-design-zurbaran-bestile-best tile-

    Batik Esmeralda

    £1.00 per tile
  • batik-aquamarina-glossy-patterned-wall-tile-art-moroccan-design-zurbaran-bestile-best tile-

    Batik Aquamarine

    £1.00 per tile


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