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sampling policy

Tiles can last a lifetime, and we want you to always be pleased with your choice. Often you will be trying to match kitchen units, wall coverings, furniture or your own design plans to the tiles you want. You will be amazed at how many different shades of white, beige or black there are!!! We offer a low cost sample ordering service both on our e-Commerce website and in our showrooms to overcome any issues in respect of our Customers knowing what they are purchasing.

We do take great care to ensure that images on our sites, in our brochures, and our catalogues accurately reflect our tiles and other products. But with all our efforts we cannot guarantee that the colour, texture or attributes of our tiles will prove fully accurate. So we strongly recommend that you choose to sample or visit us to see the tiles for themselves. Samples can then be looked at in the comfort of your home or proposed project area.

You can order as many single samples of our tiles as you wish.  

For decorative, inset, border or tiles that are sold per piece, a sample will be priced at the amount indicated for a single piece and this includes VAT. We don’t charge for package and postage for sending this full size product to you.

For plain tiles that are sold per square metre (sq m), we will charge £2.00 per sample, inclusive of VAT, and the sample will consist of a cut piece of the tile approximately 100mmx100mm in size. Again we will send this to you via the post and there is no charge for postage or packaging.  For full size samples, please visit one of our showrooms or contact us.

All samples are non returnable and non refundable. So if you choose to order the tiles that you sampled you can deduct a piece from any decorative, inset, border or tiles that are sold per piece.

We don’t provide a sample service for adhesives, grouts, tools, trims, sealants or associated products but we really know all about the items you may need for your project – so you can get our advice by phone or email or by visiting a showroom. All our staff will be pleased to help you.

What if I need my sample fast?
We are happy to talk to you about alternative or faster delivery methods but they may be chargeable.

Will the sample fit through my letterbox?
Our samples will normally fit through a standard letterbox but some of our decorative, inset, border or tiles that are sold per piece are quite large! If this is the case we expect your postman to act just as normal for delivering such items – either by ringing your doorbell!, leaving it somewhere!! Or whatever is normal practice! We package your sample so that it will not generally be harmed by bad weather.

If you want or need to know more do contact us on 01179 715567 or at info@collinsontiles.co.uk!!

Please refer to our terms and conditions.

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