Using brick-style tiles in your kitchen


With styles to match any taste, colours to match any pallet and costs to match any budget, our range of tiles are a perfect fit for anyone looking to refresh that most important room in the house.

Making a splash(back)

Until recently, Splashbacks were only used behind the sinks or Agas, but now interior designers are using them from floor to ceiling. This new trend is becoming popular with homeowners too because taking a splashback wall-to-wall and benchtop-to-ceiling makes for seamless lines and a dramatic effect.

Our Florencia range is perfect for making an impact. It comes in various colours and textures making it perfect for any size kitchen. For smaller spaces we’d suggest using Florencia Bianco - a glossy, brick shaped, ceramic wall tile. The shine will make any space seem brighter and bigger. If you have a larger kitchen, then come over to the dark side with bold shades.

Our Florencia Sky tile is glossy, rich and is in stock and ready.

Brick style tiles for kitchen Florencia range

The urban vibe

Those looking to create a modern kitchen should use our Grunge range. These are brand new, blue metallic, brick-style tiles offering a series of colours celebrating the ‘urban look’ of oxidised metals.

The range consists of five stock colours, Oxid, Iron, Aqua, Grey, and Dorato, plus Blue which is a special-order item in full cartons only. Grunge is a versatile product which looks amazing as a single tile but so much better once it’s on the wall.

Perfect for anyone looking to bring their kitchen into the 21st Century.

Chevron and Herringbone

Both Chevron and Herringbone patterns can be easily achieved with the vast array of rectangular tiles we have in stock. These patterns give a room an understated but beautiful elegance.

The classical Herringbone pattern is made up of rectangular tile pieces that meet at perfect straight edges to form a zigzag pattern. This style is elegant and beautiful.

The chevron tile pattern is made up of rows of interlocking parallelograms, joined end-to-end in order to create a seamless zigzag pattern. It’s perfect for making an old space look younger.

To emphasize the pattern, try using tiles of very slightly contrasting colours.

For both of these styles, our Arnold range fits perfectly. These ceramic brick-style wall tiles are available in white and a range of blues.

Using brick-style tiles in your kitchen
Using brick-style tiles in your kitchen

Contrasting colours

The Altea sky blue brick style tile is available in a gloss finish. This wall tile is ideal for kitchens and great for a mix and match design especially when used alongside the Calpe matt finish.

The tiles have a handmade feel, with a slightly rustic edge. For an adventurous scheme, the gloss and matt mix well and add that little extra interest.


If you’re interested in any of these styles, then why not try samples. You can use these to experiment with how tiles of different shapes, sizes and patterns work together.

Contact the Collinson team for inspiration.